Whatever your industry we can do something for you, but here are a few of our specialities.

Industries icons
HS2 AR train and tunnel

Rail and Transport

With a substantial record of successful projects within the rail industry, Zubr Futures conceives cutting-edge, immersive transport solutions. Redefine the future of rail with our sleek augmented and virtual reality training programs.

Medical and Pharmaceutical

Harnessing augmented and virtual reality as a powerful tool within the healthcare industry, Zubr Futures elevates medical and pharmaceutical projects with our engaging digital offerings. From augmented reality training simulations to educational apps, we bring imaginative designs to the forefront of healthcare innovation.

Augmented reality app showing a Chest Drain procedure

Construction and Urban Planning

Collaborative and innovative by nature, the future of the construction industry invites digital intervention. Zubr Futures seamlessly integrates aesthetics with robust safety solutions, shaping virtual experiences and environments which prioritise well-being, efficiency and functionality.

Climate Change and ESG

Embracing the increasing importance of climate and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations, Zubr Futures pioneers sustainable, interactive experiences to increase awareness and promote responsible construction practices. Share our commitment to eco-conscious design and make an impact within climate-conscious industry.

3D virtual space of an UUV harbour in the Museum of the Future

Defence and Security

Driving innovation within the defence sector, Zubr Futures merges strategic thinking with immersion and refined design. We thrive on our commitment to precision and security, shaping the future of defence through visionary virtual solutions.